Monday, July 21, 2008

Roommates and Carpooling

If you would like to find someone for carpooling or looking for a roommate for The Blast this year, you can make a comment to this blog. Leave enough information for others to be able to contact you. Or, you can call us and we might be able to match you with someone else that has contacted us.


Robyn Robbins said...

I am flying into Phoenix on Monday, Sept. 15 at 2:30 (American Airlines). I would love to carpool with someone to the King's Ransom in Sedona. I am also interested in a roommate (or even a small group of people) to split hotel costs with for the week.

Bob said...

I'll be arriving in Phoenix on Wed. Sept. 17th and driving to Sedona. I'll have room for about 1 passenger, if someone wants to share costs. I also have a room at King's Ransom which I could share. I'm driving back to Phoenix the afternoon of Sun. Sept. 21st.

Brian Habit said...

If you think that you might like to share a room during The Blast and/or sharing a rental car (to be picked up in Phoenix), please email me at at your earliest convenience.


I reserved a 2nd floor courtyard room at the King’s Ransom Sedona Hotel with two queen beds for three nights, checking in anytime after 3 pm on Thursday, Sept. 18, and checking out by 11 am on Sunday, Sept. 21, at the discounted (Blast) rate of $99 per night plus taxes and fees. So I’m looking for someone to split that cost with me.

In case you‘d like more information about the King‘s Ransom Sedona Hotel, you can find that at both and


I have also reserved a rental car to pick it up after arriving in Phoenix. My flight is scheduled to arrive at about 10 am on Thursday, September 18. I’ll be dropping the car off by 10 pm in Phoenix on Sunday, September 21. So someone could ride as a passenger with me between Phoenix and Sedona if he or she would like to split the cost with me.


And in case you’d like to know more about me, see below for that.

Brian Habit

I‘m a 44 year-old gay social worker and astrologer from North Carolina. Currently, I‘m living in Raleigh, NC. After taking up astrology as a hobby way back in the ‘70s, I started moonlighting as a professional astrologer in 2002. This past May, I attended my first-ever astrology conference (UAC); and sometime over the course of the next few years, I aim to transition to working full-time as an astrologer. (For more about me and my background, please see ... or just ask me. I‘ll be glad to answer any questions that you might have. I'm Scorpio, but I won't bite. :-))

Juan Pablo said...

I am answering a call to go to Sedona and will be attending the Special Vedic Program from September 16th - September 18th. I can stay with you Robyn if you don't mind the company of a Gemini gentleman coming into town to learn. Please e-mail me to let me know that this will work for you.

bron said...

I will be heading up from Phoenix sometime Monday 15th (or very early Tuesday if anyone is offering a share ride) and staying for the whole conference.
I need a roomate. Male/female - doesn't matter. I'm a mature aged Australian female, easy to get along with, don't snore.
Please email me -

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn and Bron

I am flying over from the UK on the 14th and staying until 23rd September.

If you are still looking for someone to share, please email me at I shall have to make separate reservations for the first and last nights.

Im 41 and British and am mostly well-behaved (on a good day).


sonja said...

I've got a reservation at the sedona motel from 16th through 21st (leaving via phoenix on 22nd) -- would love to split the costs if possible -- I have a single at the moment, but could upgrade to a double -- or split your already reserved double.

am older woman from chicago. email me at

sonja said...

Sonja here again
slight correction

I'll be staying from the night of the 15th through the night of the 21st; leaving on 22nd

Brian Habit said...

Hi, Bob,

Would you like to split the cost of a room at the King's Ransom on your last three nights there (that is, Thursday the 18th, through Saturday the 20th, checking out on Sunday the 21st)?

If so, then could you email me at your earliest convenience at so that we can work out the necessary details?

Thanks, Bob,

P.S. In case you didn't see it already, I posted a message earlier in this same thread, describing both me and a room that I reserved at the King's Ransom.

Jupiter's Girl said...

Looking at these 9 comments - none seem to fit my needs, though a couple of you come close.

I would like a (female) roommate to share hotel expenses. I've booked a ground-floor double at King's Ransom for Thursday through Monday, 9/18-22.

I'd share car expenses too (any gender) if anyone can accomodate me on those days. My flight arrives in the early afternoon of the 18th, and leaves on the morning of the 22nd around 11.

You can write me at to meet and coordinate schedules.

Lara said...
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Kelly Lee Phipps said...

Hi Everyone,

I'm Kelly Lee Phipps, I will be filming and speaking at the Blast, and I was going to come with my wife and kid but now plans have changed and they will not be able to go, so I'm looking for a roommate situation. I've contacted Eric Meyers and he has already reserved for himself and another guy named Robert or something like that, but we might try to work something out. Just thought I'd post this to see what other people are doing. You can contact me at 828-808-3512 or email

Thanks! Looks like it's going to be a Blast!

Bradley said...

'Left Coast', Bay Area cosmic cowboy has (Oh God, not another) room at the "Ransom". Open to sharing with-another person, couple, or small tribe.
Gotta embrace: pluralistic, omnivorous, non-allergic, joyful adventurer(s); well, not literally when we first meet, but...
It can't get better than this, if cynchronicity, serendipity; and/or Uranian energy, fuel your imagination.
The "Trail Side" room, 2nd floor, has (I'm told): a Jacuzzi bath, prrrrivate balcony, two queen sized beds, AND a 'frig and coffee maker!!! It's reserved 9/15 through 9/22, to the tune of approximately 111.11+$/night, so... the math is...(well, we'll work it out).
Call Bradley @ (707)
246-2778 PDST, and we can compare vibes in real time, discuss ideocynchracies(sp?), and share the ultimate in private info. ...
No...I was actually referring to birth data.

Jean said...


I'm interested in sharing a rental car. I arrive at PHX wed 9/17 at 8:34pm and leave sun 9/21 at 3:10pm. Let me know if that works for you.


Jupiter's Girl said...

I have confirmed that I'll have a roommate and someone to share the expense of a car rental. Yay. My Sagde friend finally committed to going.

See y'all there next week, come hell or hurricane-high-waters.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I live near Flagstaff and will be driving down the canyon to the conference on Tuesday early AM and also Thursday AM so if anyone is flying into Flagstaff and needs a ride I would be happy to do so.I will also be heading back to Flagstaff on Tuesday and Sunday evenings.E-mail me at